About Sherlock Editing

Sherlock Editing is the brainchild of Sheri Kraft. An avid reader since she was three, Sheri appreciates that only special people want to write.

George Eliot once said, “Our words have wings, but fly not where we would.” Sometimes those wings make your work soar through the heavens, and at other times, you need help escaping the woods where they dropped you.

Depending on how well your wings flew, you might want some level of copyediting where the focus is on grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage. Or, perhaps your novel might benefit from a developmental edit, which helps with the big picture: theme, plot, dialogue, and pacing. Sherlock Editing is here to help you regardless of where you are in the writing process. Unsure what services would work best for you? Send an e-mail describing your project and we’ll figure it out together.

Personalized work requires personalized pricing. As such, Sherlock Editing sets its pricing on a case-by-case basis. Choose your pricing by the page (1 page = 250 words) or by the project. To get started, submit a short sample of your work to Sherlock Editing. After looking over your sample, Sherlock Editing will provide you with a complimentary edit and a quote on what the entire project will cost. Rest assured that any material you submit will remain confidential. Have any questions? Write to Sherlock Editing today.

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About Sheri Kraft


Sheri Kraft specializes in copyediting and developmental editing. She has a BA in English and has taken courses specifically dealing with copyediting and developmental editing. With a love of words that began before her formal education, Sheri understands storytelling and how grammatical rules should enhance–and never detract from–the tale itself. Sheri has a passion for working on projects that utilize her expert English language skills and/or her ability to strengthen plots and characters.

Before her career in editing, Sheri spent over a decade running Alibi Books, a small independent bookstore with an emphasis in mysteries. Working for a small business, she came to appreciate the need for a second set of eyes. Catching errors in your own work can be difficult.

Furthermore, she loved the time she spent reading, reviewing, and recommending books. She also enjoyed hearing what her customers thought about books and authors. These experiences bring a unique perspective to Sheri’s editing: she knows what readers want.

Sheri has edited various projects ranging from website content (Lusty Penguin Reviews) to full-length books. She is the editor for BTS Book Reviews (formerly BTSeMag), where she edits regular columns, short stories, and other articles on a monthly basis. BTS Book Reviews showcases authors through features, including their book blurbs, excerpts, photos, bios, and website urls. The magazine also has informative and entertaining columns, articles, short stories, and author ads.

Sheri donates her time and editing skills to Can You Identify Me?, a non-profit agency that uses narratives to distribute information regarding deceased victims without names, America’s Unidentified.

Sheri is also a member of the American Copy Editors Society as well as the Editorial Freelancers Association.

For more on Sheri, check out her resume (pdf).

Wherever your writing wings take you, remember Sherlock Editing,
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