Developmental Editing for fiction and creative nonfiction covers all of the big picture issues with your book. When working with your manuscript, Sherlock Editing will look for issues with
  • Theme
  • Character
  • Point of View
  • Setting
  • Scene
  • Dialogue
  • Inner Monologue
  • Narrative Pace
  • Chronology
To begin, please send a sample of your project. After looking over your sample, Sheri will follow up with an author questionnaire to determine what your goals are and what Sherlock Editing can do for you. This questionnaire will help determine how long your project will take and what it will cost.

Upon completion, in addition to a marked manuscript, you will receive a detailed letter at least 10 to 15 pages in length, detailing what strengths and weaknesses your work has.

Be sure to contact Sherlock Editing with any questions you might have.